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Use our affiliate links to monetize your content across your blog app, web site, and every social platform: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram!

Make Everything Shoppable!

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Every blog post and link click that leaves your web page is an opportunity for someone to earn money. Make that someone YOU! Earn commissions for every product sold with our tools.

We manage the relationships with the brands, we negotiate the best commission rates in the industry. Let us do the hard work so you can focus on writing great content.

Turn ordinary images into beautiful, shoppable content. Upload your image, tag it with products, then embed it in your page and share it to social media.
With one simple script, we automatically convert any retail links on your site into links that earn you money.
Get Links
Need a quick link to a product or retailer? Our Get Links tool helps you search over 70 million products, and get links to nearly 50,000 retailers. Earn money for every sale!
Wordpress Plugin
Focus on writing great content! Our plugin helps you insert products into posts, and can even add an entire store to your blog with just a few clicks. 
Developer API
Have an app and need product data? Our product API is fast, and allows for unlimited access to millions of products from top retailers.
Detailed Reporting
Let our reporting dashboard tell you what works. We tell you where every commission came from,a nd give you tips to earn even more.

We work with retailers in every major vertical. Team up with the brands that matter to you and your visitors. View the full list here: Prosperent Merchants

"I love Prosperent because I can make money on my blog without irritating my readers with annoying popups or banner ads. By placing products in my posts and adding a store to my site, I'm adding value to my readers, not taking it away."

-Ashley Rader


Your product and brand-related content is driving sales. We make it easy for you to earn money from those sales.
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Q: Is this pay per click?

A: The retailers we work with pay per action. This is usually a lead or a sale.

Q: If someone clicks one product, but buys another, do I still get credit?

A: Yes, when you send someone to a retailer, a cookie is set. You are credited for anything the user purchases. Cookies are usually set for 7-30 days after the click.

Q: Do you work with merchant X?

A: We work with thousands of merchants. You can view the entire list here:

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Retailers pay us 60 days after a commission takes place. We pay you at that time via Paypal, or Payoneer.


Q: I'm a Brand or Business. How can I work with Prosperent?

A: Head over to our agency side and find out how we can help grow your business:

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